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摘要:本内容由易考网小编为大家分享关于学历教育、职业资格、研究生、公务员、外语考试等报名考试教育信息。  2023年教资面试考试的时间分别是5月13日-14日和12月9日-10日,其中试讲占的分值还是很大的,通常备考时间这样分配:20分钟备课写教


  2023年教资面试考试的时间分别是5月13日-14日和12月9日-10日,其中试讲占的分值还是很大的,通常备考时间这样分配:20分钟备课写教案+5分钟结构化面试+10分钟试讲+5分钟答辩,为方便考生备考,小编整理了小学英语教师资格证试讲真题——《Big cities and the countryside》的内容。

  Teaching aims

  1.Knowledge aims:

  ①Students can understand the content of the reading material.

  ②Students can master some new words such as: “big city”, “countryside” and the words with comparative degree.

  2.Ability aim:

  Students will express their opinions on the topic about lives in big cities and countryside .

  3.Emotional aims:

  Students can foster the awareness of cherishing life wherever they are .

  Key and difficult points:

  1.Key Point: How to understand the reading material and the comparative degree.

  2.Difficult Point:How to foster the awareness of cherishing life.

  Teaching procedures:

  Step 1: Warming-up

  1. Greetings.

  2.Let students enjoy a song named Old MacDonald Had A Farm and ask them a two questions: where can you find his farm? can you find it in the big cities? The song goes like this:

  Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O.

  And on that farm he had some cows, E-I-E-I-O.

  With a "moo-moo" here and a "moo-moo" there,

  Here a "moo" there a "moo",

  Everywhere a "moo-moo" .

  Ask students to answer the question. Then tell them we can find it in the countryside not in big cities and lead in the topic.

  Step 2: Pre-reading

  Do a guessing game: by showing them the two pictures from the text book to guide them to understand the meaning of two words: “big city”, “countryside”. And ask students a question, “What is your feeling about the big city and the countryside?”

  Then ask students to predict the main idea of the reading material according to the pictures.

  Step 3: While-reading

  1. Fast reading

  Circle the words ending up with letter group “er”, such as: “warmer”, “hotter” and so on. Then draw some stick figures and show pictures to help them understand the comparative degree.

  Read the passage for students and ask them what’s the passage about and check answers.

  2. Detailed reading

  Encourage students to read it again and finish the table on the blackboard by answering the questions: what are the big cities like? What is the countryside like?

  Step 4: Post-reading

  Ask students to discuss which life they enjoy and they can use the sentence structure: I like big cities. Because big cities are bigger than the countryside.

  Step 5: Summary and Homework

  Summary: Invite a student to be a little teacher and summarize today’s lesson. Tell them wherever we are, we should love and cherish our life.

  Homework: Draw a picture about their surroundings and try to think what they can do to make it more beautiful.

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